What’s in color: Yellow, Blue , Gray color USB Ports on Lenovo

by jask2002 2. October 2012 06:33

I recently got Lenovo X220 laptop . I always kept wondering about the different colors of USB ports it supplied. What does each color signifies ?

Once I found out meaning for each port color.  Thought it would be worth sharing with you :


1 Blue


Blue symbolizes USB 3.0 enabled.

You can transfer at blazing faster rate.

Tip: Next time connect your external hard drive to it.  Smile

1 Yellow


Yellow symbolizes Always-On. It supplies power to the gadget even while in sleep mode or off.

Tip: Next time you can charge your phone while on the go in the car.

1 Gray


USB 2.0 and 1.1 compliant. Standard Ports.

Tip: Next time connect your Mouse or other related devices to it.


Cheers Thumbs up , Till then Bye bye

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maxx Trinidad and Tobago
5/27/2013 12:49:02 PM #

thank you.


Urs United Kingdom
7/17/2013 3:58:14 AM #

Thanks for the explanation - very useful!


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