WTF: DateTime.AddDays() is not working as expected

by jask2002 1. June 2012 23:36

Working with following code on DateTime AddDays operation I found end result is not the addition of days!!

int increment = 5;
DateTime now = DateTime.Now; //Current Date
now.AddDays(increment); //Increment by 5 days

Console.WriteLine("Today's date:" + DateTime.Now);
Console.WriteLine("New Date:" + now.ToString());

To my surprise it returned New Date without adding 5 days to the Current Date


Then I change the printing line to

//Console.WriteLine("New Date:" + now.ToString());//Commented it out
Console.WriteLine("New Date:" + now.AddDays(increment).ToString());


I went back on MSDN for DateTime.AddDays Method


“This method does not change the value of this DateTime. Instead, a new DateTime is returned whose value is the result of this operation.”

So I change my code for assignment of returned DateTime to the now variable

int increment = 5;
DateTime now = DateTime.Now; //Current Date
now = now.AddDays(increment); //Increment by 5 days
Peace! Smile

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