Moving on Last day @ iGTSC

by jask2002 5. April 2012 08:45

As we all know that only TRUTH that will never change is CHANGE itself. Even a butterfly and a baby eventually leave the warmth of the safest, most comfortable and the only nurturing places they know, the cocoon and the womb respectively. Such is the circle of life where Change is the only constant.

By now you all must have got what I mean to say. I am about to start a new journey of my life, heading towards a new direction. I wanted to let you know that I will be starting to wrap up my work here at GTSC Microsoft in the coming month.

I am moving on as a .Net Dev/CRM PFE and will be based out of New Delhi.

I have had the pleasure of working with smart people. I got a lot of time to work on stuff that I am really passionate. I have grown professionally and personally too ( I grew 6 years older ). Special word of thanks for my mentor Radomir for making me learn the harder way. I would also like to thank Tess,Mourad, Jim, Kyle, Matt, Jeremy, Rmarr, Mlaing, Jimmie, AJ, BretB, Rob, Patty, Ddietz, Tulika, Puneet, DSI Management (Mike, Sri, Vivek, Amit, Rahul) for having faith in me, India TL’s & Escalation services team and of course the front line teams.

I will be around and a ping away. Thanks You for all your support during these memorable 6 years of my career.

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Ashish India
4/5/2012 12:59:34 PM #

All the best Jas! You are leaving a void here which would be not-so-easy to fill up!

Good luck with new challenges!



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