Top 7 Reasons Why Businesses Can Benefit From Having A Mascot

We all expect to see mascots at our favorite sporting events. But, did you know they are great for increasing brand awareness of a company? Let’s take a look at the top reason why every business can benefit from having their own mascot customes.

1. Grasp The Young Audience

Grasping the attention of your younger audience base can provide extremely helpful to create a lasting impression. This is a great way to bring in the adults as well since younger kids will typically be with adults. This is especially important for events like State fairs where you can pull in the attention of the children and ultimately their chaperones at the same time.

2. Ageless Promotion

It’s no surprise that many businesses opt for a real person spokesperson. This can be a company representative, sponsored athlete, or other celebrity. While this may work to attract some specific attention, it’s not the best long term plan. People do age and staying trendy with the younger audiences can be hard to do with an older spokesperson. Also, it’s important to realize that celebrities can lose their fame or be shunned for doing outrageous things. This can leave your brand attached to some negative press. You can avoid all of this by using a mascot. Custom mascots are a great way to ensure your business has a promotional figure that won’t change as the years pass by.

3. Enhance Brand Connection

One popular trait you will notice of the most well-known businesses out there are they have a mascot. Mascot customes help people to form a connection with your brand. Whenever they see the mascot, they should think of your company. This is why it’s so important to pick the right custom mascots to ensure your brand is connected with something memorable for your target audience.

4. Tell Customers What Your Brand Is About

Most business names do not include the service or types of products that a business offers. This can make it difficult for an individual to understand what a business does without some further research. With mascot customes you can help viewers understand more about what your business does. For example, if your business produces soda products, having a soda can or bottle mascot can make that connection. Visit the Hogtown Mascots Inc. website for additional information and more online resources.

5. Cost Saving Investment

Running advertising through traditional routes, such as television, radio, billboards, social media and other online ads costs you money. If you want more ads in the future, you have to pay more money for them to be shown or heard. With custom mascots, you have a one-time major investment up front. Once you receive the costume, you can use it whenever you need to. You can increase your cost savings by having company employees volunteer to wear the costume as well.

6. Give People An Image To Associate With Your Business

People remember better when they have an image in their head to relate to a name on paper. It’s just human nature to think of an image in your head when you hear words spoken. When you don’t have an image to associate with those words, they can be extremely hard to remember in the future. A mascot is an easy way to give people an image they can refer back to when they hear your company’s name. The more memorable your mascot, the better recall for individuals.

7. Expand Your Customer Base

Each type of marketing outlet only allows you to penetrate so much of a consumer market. With a mascot, you can relate to markets that are not typically in contact with your brand on a regular basis. This allows you to engage with these other consumers and turn more of them into your new clients.

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